Ok, ok, ok, you are a clever fan aren't you? Supergirl is freaking Kara Zor-El, last daughter of Krypton! In many cases, she's considered stronger than SUPERRMAN! So how in the world did Kara, essentially a living god, get her ears pierced for those decorative pieces we call earrings? The simple answer comes to us from two show runners, both Executive Producers and writers, Andrew Kreisberg and Ali Adler.

Andrew Kreisberg tweeted this: "Since alot of people are wondering ... Kara got her ears pierced on Krypton" PROOF

If that wasn't enough for you, Ali Adler, added: "At the mall on Krypton" PROOF

So there you have it, no higher authority on the matter than the two Executive Producers! Next time your friend or family member thinks they've got one up on you because your favorite superhero has her ears pierced, just send them here and set them right! For more news, rumors, spoilers, music, video and just about everything else to do with CBS' Supergirl show, head over to! The web's number 1 source for all Supergirl news!